Over five thousand years ago, a renegade faction of angels abandoned the spiritual realm and began their inhabitation of earth. Worshiped as gods for their wisdom and power, they corrupted the realm of the physical and forever altered the course of history. Amidst the chaos of a dying world, a lone voice foretold the awakening of a human warrior who would bring an end to this evil perpetrated against all of creation. But with the cataclysmic destruction of earth and rebirth of humanity, the prophecy went unfulfilled and faded from the memory of our kind—until now!

In his Amazon bestselling debut series, Jason Tesar launches an epic saga that will journey from earth’s mythological past to its post-apocalyptic future, blending the genres of fantasy, science fiction, action adventure, and military thriller.

Awaken His Eyes | Book One

The physical dimension is fractured. What remain are numerous fragmented worlds moving simultaneously through time, sharing a common history, connected only by a guarded portal. Read more …

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Paths of Destruction | Book Two

Returning to his home city of Bastul, Kael finds the Southern Territory of the Orudan Empire under invasion. As he races to unravel the secrecy of the enemy’s identity, he becomes entangled in a brutal conspiracy to gain control of the government. Read more …

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Hands to Make War | Book Three

After fighting his way back from a paralyzing defeat, Kael resolves to bring an end to the enemies of the Orudan Empire. Enlisting the help of his family and most-trusted friends, he faces off against an ancient evil and embraces his destiny. Read more …

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Seeds of Corruption | Book Four

The All Powerful is dead, but the scars of his influence remain, haunting Kael’s memories and discoloring his outlook. Seeking closure, Kael retraces the steps of his past. Read more …


Hidden from Men | Book Five

A powerful adversary is surfacing and Null’s covert battle is on the threshold of open war. Reunited with his father after twenty-two years, Kael must find the balance between protecting him and confronting the enemy who stands between them and their home world. Read more …


Foundations of the World | Book Six

Kael has seen into the mind of the enemy and witnessed an abomination beyond imagining. Thousands of years of collaboration have allowed the Myndarym to construct a vast and complex system for exploiting the earth and its inhabitants. Read more …


Those You Despise | Book Seven

The fractured Temporal Realm is consolidated, with ancient and modern cultures now forced to contend for a single world. Nothing stands between Kael and the last of the Wandering Stars, yet his location may be obvious to those watching from the Eternal Realm, making his presence a danger to everyone around him. Read more …


Combined Edition | Books One through Three

This edition contains the first three books of The Awakened series—Awaken His Eyes, Paths of Destruction, and Hands to Make War. Read more …

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Combined Edition | Books Four through Six

This edition contains the second trilogy of novels in The Awakened series—Seeds of Corruption, Hidden from Men, and Foundations of the World. Read more …

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