Kickstarter Campaign for Book 7

In February of last year, I wrote this post about the realities of trying to make a living from writing fiction and having to pick up part-time work to compensate for declining book sales. Well … reality only continued getting more real.

At the end of 2016, my technical writing contract was fulfilled. Instead of working part-time so I could write fiction part-time, I was forced to put all my efforts into looking for other work. It took several months for me to find something, but the deadline for this new tech writing contract was aggressive, leaving no time in my schedule for writing fiction. It was a short-term project (~ 5 months), and I had bills to pay, so I accepted. Six weeks later, the project goals shifted and my work was put on hold.


Here it is, eight months after I first learned that my steady part-time work was going to end, and I still haven’t secured a replacement that will allow me to continue writing fiction a couple days a week. I’m frustrated that The Awakened Book 7 hasn’t made it out of the brainstorming/outlining phase yet. And based on the fan emails I’ve received, neither are you. Which is why I launched a Kickstarter campaign.

It went live yesterday morning and is already 24% funded. It will run for a total of 30 days, during which time I’ll be collecting your pledges. Please check it out, if for no other reason than to watch my video. ‘Cause everyone knows that writers are big-time extroverts who love public speaking, thinking on their feet, and having those moments recorded so everyone can marvel at the smooth, baritone quality of their voices, their flawless hair and complexion, and the poetic brilliance of their communication talents.

There’s a reason why writers write 🙂

I also have tons of great rewards for various pledge levels, some stretch goals we can shoot for, and a few ideas for you to ponder about the storyline and where it may be headed. The dream is still very much alive, and now there exists an opportunity for me to work on Book 7 full-time and have it ready in 3 to 5 months.

But I need your help to do it.

Thank you so much for supporting my writing over the years and for all the encouraging messages and fun discussions we’ve shared along the way! I’m looking forward to much more, and I hope that this is only the beginning.

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