In a society where morals are determined by a public opinion system, and social rating is the currency, truth can be a dangerous notion.

Part 1 | Citizen

Sixteen-year-old Rena has few memories of her childhood before adoption. A forest teeming with wildlife. Mountains reaching up to a blue sky. The voice of the man who raised her. The problem—they’re not real. Find out more …


Part 2 | Delusion

Rena’s delusions feel more like repressed memories, and exploring them with the help of her counselor is only making them more vivid … and harder to explain. Find out more …


Part 3 | Outlier

The source of Rena’s delusions now feels closer than ever, but choosing a new life means picking sides in an escalating war, leaving no time to follow her trail of fractured memories. Find out more …


Part 4 | Renegade

Leaving her old life shouldn’t have harmed Rena’s family. But Esh’s influence extends further than she realized, defining even her new life as little more than a response to OCON’s aggression. Find out more …


Part 5 | Truth

A message from her father transforms Rena’s perception of herself and finally reveals the truth about Esh and the fate of humanity. But the war between OCON and the Outliers could jeopardize everyone’s future. Find out more …


Consensus | The Complete Novel

This omnibus edition contains all five parts of the Consensus story (Citizen, Delusion, Outlier, Renegade, and Truth). Find out more …



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