The true architect of Earth’s inhabitation has been revealed. As power and authority are consolidated into a new kingdom, allies become enemies and enemies become friends.

Sariel’s vengeance is complete, but his sacrifice is greater than he could have imagined. Weakened beyond sanity and hunted by a dangerous new predator, Sariel must rely on his oldest nemesis in order to survive. The testing of his loyalty will uncover a new strategy, leading him back into the center of a multisided war. The influence of the Myndarym is swelling, flowing across the land, driving cultures into the future or crushing them under its weight. But when the violence reaches into the depths of the sea, it awakens a powerful and forgotten realm. Angel. Demon. Nephiyl. Human. The battle lines are drawn, and before it’s over, the world will never be the same.

In Volume Three of the Wandering Stars series, Jason Tesar’s fantasy epic engulfs the earth in a clash of temporal kingdoms and eternal civilizations, peeling back the layers of primordial history to expose its supernatural origins.



When it comes to world building, no one does it better than Jason Tesar … prepare yourself for more sleepless nights as you dive back into the world of The Wandering Stars.Simafication
Inhabitation is overall just an excellent piece of literature … in every book I discover another portion of his brilliance as an author.asdf
Jason continues to impress me with one great book after another.Paul D.
This book shows the level of thought and detail that went into this epic saga.RMD
I’m impressed yet again by the imagination and story telling of Jason Tesar.Justice



Map of Human, Angelic, and Nephiyl Civilizations

Map of Dotimstad and Galah

Map of Dotimstad

Glossary and Pronunciation Guide



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