Hands to Make War


After fighting his way back from a paralyzing defeat, Kael resolves to bring an end to the enemies of the Orudan Empire. Enlisting the help of his family and most-trusted friends, he faces off against an ancient evil and embraces his destiny. As Maeryn rises through the ranks to attain a command position within the Resistance, she learns of a conspiracy in her organization and realizes the enormous resources at her disposal. Determined to set things right, she seizes control and sets a new course for the movement. Reacquainting with his closest friends, Saba pieces together the identity and motive of the enemy. Bringing his vast knowledge to bear, he collaborates with Orud’s High Council to force the enemy into the open, while waiting to reveal a secret of his own. Working to establish communications with the mysterious organization protecting him, Adair sets in motion a plan that he hopes will enable him to return to his world—and his family.

In book three of the Amazon bestselling series, Jason Tesar’s epic saga shatters the barrier between ancient and modern worlds, hurtling toward earth’s post-apocalyptic future as it blends the genres of fantasy, sci-fi, and military/political suspense.

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Great story line … I almost felt as if I was there.Marti
From character development to the description of their surroundings to the amazing battle scenes, everything was flawless …Rainie
They need to make a movie of these.K. Guy-Verstraete
I am just waiting for the next one and the next like an addict. HURRY!!!! I need my next Fix!!DawnBee
The characters are developed beautifully as well as the story line. What an imagination.Freebird1052
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