Combined Edition


This edition contains the first trilogy of books in The Awakened series—Awaken His Eyes, Paths of Destruction, and Hands to Make War.

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I was hooked from the first few pages … if you love action and adventure mixed with a little bit of romance, then you will love this!jp05
Anyone who enjoys writers like Brian Sanderson or Peter V. Brett will enjoy this well crafted series. Jason Tesar is easily among the modern masters of fantasy with a unique, believable world, great characters and a plot that keeps you guessing.Amazon Customer
Haven’t enjoyed a series this much since Terry Brooks Magic Kingdom for Sale. I look forward to reading any addition to the series.Randy Raley
This is the best series I have read in a long time. I was very impressed. Intriguing, nail biting, suspenseful, on the edge of my seat.Berma Hicks

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