Have you ever experienced a moment so intense that you’d swear time had slowed down? You’ve heard it said that we can’t change the time we are given, only how we use it? Well, that’s not exactly true anymore. I’ve discovered that by changing how we use it, we can change the time we are given. This is what we as a species have been seeking since the dawn of our existence—immortality. My name is Emit Trotsid, and I am the world’s foremost pioneer of lucid time distortion. I’m going to share my technology freely with the collective human consciousness. I will teach you how to claim what’s rightfully yours; but the question is, what will you do with that time?

That’s my marketing pitch. At least, it used to be before the paranoia, headaches, and premonitions.

Emit is a short story that explores the subject of time perception, merging the psychological thriller and techno thriller genres to create a mind-bending vision of our future.

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… refreshingly intelligent and it is tightly written … will keep you guessing to the end, but it will leave you with a satisfied smile on your face.Joel G.
… captivated from beginning to end.Justice
Like everything Jason writes, “Emit” is well crafted, fast paced, and wildly imaginative. The possible directions he could take this plot seem endless … that rare type of short story that will leave audiences wishing it was only the first chapter in a much larger book.Sean
I love the cerebral style of this book – may not be the author’s “normal” but WOW!Zeekie

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