On this day …

In May of 2011, I released the first three installments of The Awakened series in eBook format. Originally written and released as a single novel, my first attempt at writing … Read More

On This Day …

On this day in 2014, I released Combined Edition: The Awakened Books 4 Through 6. Some marketing experts question the wisdom of bundling novels because it divides readers’ attention and purchases … Read More

On this day

On this day in 2014, I released Foundations of the World, the sixth volume of The Awakened series. It peaked at #1,025 on Amazon (across all genres) the next day … Read More

The Awakened Book 7 is Now Available

It’s been almost four years since I released Foundations of the World: The Awakened Book 6. Since then, I completed the four-volume prequel series, a psychological thriller short story, and … Read More

Kickstarter Campaign for Book 7

In February of last year, I wrote this post about the realities of trying to make a living from writing fiction and having to pick up part-time work to compensate for declining … Read More

Consensus is now available

In a society where morals are determined by a public opinion system, and social rating is the currency, truth can be a dangerous notion. Sixteen-year-old Rena has few memories of … Read More