Thursday, May 23, 2013

Seeds of Corruption: The Awakened Book Four is now available for Kindle

Seeds of Corruption: The Awakened Book Four is now available for your Kindle on Amazon!  Over the next few days and weeks, it will become available in other ebook formats and print as well. Download your copy today and find out what your favorite characters have been up to since the battle in Orud.

The All Powerful is dead, but the scars of his influence remain, haunting Kael’s memories and coloring his outlook.  Seeking closure, Kael retraces the steps of his past.  When he discovers that his father may still be alive, the course of his life once again takes an unexpected turn.  Determined to answer the most profound questions of his childhood, Kael ventures across the fractured physical dimension.  What awaits him is an advanced civilization of private armies and foreign weaponry, and only one path leads to his goal.  Entering a covert war of intelligence and paramilitary operations, Kael must adapt to this new world and confront the possibility that his own destiny is just beginning.

The seeds of corruption have taken root, but the Awakened has come.

In book four of the Amazon bestselling series, Jason Tesar’s epic saga weaves through the jungles of South America to the industrial cityscapes of Scandinavia, taking readers on an action-packed journey that fuses the genres of sci-fantasy and military fiction.

Download the latest installment of the bestselling Awakened series today!


Loren Payne said...

Jason I guess I'm the first one to comment but the book is fantastic!!!!!!! There's only 3 more left if I'm correct how integer world are you going to sum all the storyline in only the books :) your such a writer. When the angel started giving Adair his options about going to the eternal realm and leave his body behind I almost had a heart attack lol but any ways when is the 5th coming out I CANNOT WAIT ANY LONGER:) Let me guess
5.) Sown throughout the earth
6.) I am the Lord
7.) Justice is everlasting
Am I close?

Jason Tesar said...

Thanks Loren! There will be 9 total, so 5 more to go. I also have 3 more Wandering Stars books to write, so I'm trying to get a feel for where the reader interest is before deciding what to work on next.

I haven't planned out which titles will be assigned to which books, but you're very close. I will continue to break down bits of the prophecy into meaningful titles (Foundations of the World, Hidden From Men, etc.), ending with Justice Everlasting!

Anonymous said...

When is book 5 coming out???? I'm hooked and hate to be left hanging!!!

Jason Tesar said...

Book 5 should be available sometime in November.

Becky said...

I have read all four books of your Awakened Series, but book four left me wanting to know if kael and Adair reunite to fight together and if Maeryn gets her husband back???? Will there be a book following to put me curiosity at rest? Four books and no closure, your writing kept my interest beyond belief.
thanks Becky

Jason Tesar said...

Hi Becky,

Yes, there will definitely be more books in the Awakened series. I'm planning on 9 total with a great deal of closure when it's complete.


Melinda Verrall said...

Jason, thank you. I stumbled across book one in the kindle library and swept right through the first three! I was preparing to feel bereft at losing my daily immersion in the worlds you created, when I was directed to this site and saw that book four had been released the day before! What joy! I have just finished it and can say the books get stronger and stronger. I can't wait to experience the art you put forth in book five and beyond! Melinda

Jason Tesar said...

Thank you Melinda!