Monday, April 22, 2013

Title and Cover Art for The Awakened: Book Four

In my last post I revealed the new cover artwork for The Awakened series.
Today, I am following up that announcement with two more...

1. Book four of the Awakened series is entitled Seeds of Corruption
2. Here is the cover art for Seeds of Corruption: The Awakened Book Four


Anonymous said...

Ugh! Finished book 4 last night, after rereading all 3 previous volumes in anticipation of #4 and if you don't get that fifth book out soon, so I know what happens to Adair and Kael, I am going to go nuts!
Excellent read!

Anonymous said...

Finished book four of The awakened series over breakfast this morning. I can't wait for book five. It's been a long time since a storyline kept me this riveted to a serial. The end of book four left so many questions which I'm itching to get answers to. Great work.

Jason Tesar said...

Book 5 is underway and should be available sometime in November if everything goes as planned.

Thanks for the support!

Blair Watts said...

I just reread books 1-3 then book 4 all in about a2 well period, phase get book 5 out don't than Nov! When will you have a 2nd wandering stars book out?

Jason Tesar said...

Hi Blair,

...probably Fall/Winter of 2014. For now, my plan is to write Book 5 & 6 of The Awakened and get that series to a good pausing point before going back to Wandering Stars. I'll try to finish off the series with Volumes 2-4, then go back to The Awakened for the last 3 books.