Monday, February 4, 2013

Story Within Story: The Art Process for Incarnation

Lately, I've received several notes from aspiring authors asking about who created the artwork for my novels.

I've been fortunate to work with Mike Heath at Magnus Creative, who has an amazing breadth of artistic vision. He recently released a self-published book that walks readers through his creative process on a handful of projects across various mediums, showcasing his amazing talent and versatility.  Story Within Story is a free PDF download that will blow your mind.  If you'd like to see some behind-the-scenes info on the artwork for Incarnation, I encourage you to click the link above and download the file.

And if you know anyone with design needs (photo illustration, motion graphics, book covers, etc.) please tell them about Magnus Creative.


Kael Stev said...

I followed the link above to download "Story Within Story" but, unfortunately, it seems to be no longer available.

Jason Tesar said...

I tried it too, but it's not working. Not sure why. Sorry about that.

By the way...I like your name :)


Titus said...

Story within a Story sounds like something Id like to look through, I've been self publishing a serial and doing my own covers. Wish the download link worked, but not your fault. Thanks for the recommendation though.

Jason Tesar said...

I'll contact Mike and see if it's still available.

Jason Tesar said...

Hi Titus,

Mike fixed the link issues, so you should be able to download the file now.